Dock & Shoreline Improvements

There are over 2,500 docks on Lake Arrowhead. Of those 2,500, 99 are convenience docks available to all boaters and the rest are privately owned. Owning a dock on Lake Arrowhead is a unique opportunity. It can be a place to relax and have fun and it makes hopping in and out of your boat for a day of fun in the sun a lot easier. But dock ownership is also a responsibility. All dock owners agree to keep their docks and all improvements on ALA property maintained and in good repair.

Where is ALA property? The entire shoreline around Lake Arrowhead is owned by ALA. No residential parcel touches the water. If you would like to make improvements to your dock area or just need to do some maintenance, you will need to have a Permit.

Expedited Permits are for work that is under $3,500.00 and are free to obtain. Other permits have fees based on the type of work you are doing (see Fee Schedule). No matter what the work is, if you need a contractor to perform the work you must use an ALA Registered Contractor. Your contractor will be working on ALA property and only ALA Registered Contractors are allowed to work on ALA property.

Review the information on this page and the related links to ensure that all improvements are done properly.