Planting and Landscaping

Planting and Landscaping Guidelines on ALA Property

All proposed landscaping requires an application to be submitted to the ALA for review and approval.

No trees shall be removed from ALA Properties without permission by ALA. In addition, all tree trimming must be approved by ALA staff and all slash must be removed immediately. For more information contact Forestry Specialist, David Kelly at
  • Homeowners may plant trees and plants of native species only,
  • Irrigation is only permitted on ALA property pursuant to ALA's irrigation policy as adopted February 27, 2010,
  • No new ground cover is to be planted on ALA property in consideration of water conservation,
  • Distance between trees is approximately sixteen (16) to twenty (20) feet and no closer than ten (10) feet to a structure or power line,
  • A scaled plot plan of proposed planting must be submitted to ALA for approval. No fee is required for this permit.
  • Erosion control should be dealt with using wood chips or pine needles, or other natural materials.
  • Duff (pine needles and leafs) should be removed to a thickness of between one and two inches. More is a hazard and less promotes erosion.
  • No electrical wiring or lights are allowed in trees. All electrical work must be permitted.

For a list of plants, trees and shrubs approved by ALA click here.

If the natural flora is endangered by any planned project, the services of a licensed forester may be required and will be paid for by the applicant. No natural flora may be damaged during construction.

Definition: Landscaping - Consists of hardscape and softscape on ALA property by members.

For more information regarding LACSD's guidelines on irrigation view LACSD Ordinance 69 and the amendment to Ordinance 69, LACSD Ordinance 76.