Allowed Towable Devices

The following are the towable devices that are allowed on Lake Arrowhead. Any device not on this list is NOT PERMITTED to be on Lake Arrowhead.

Tow Rope: The rope for all devices must be between 36 and 90 feet in length, measured from the transom of the boat. The rope must be held by the skier except for the EZ Ski Trainer. The rope is attached to the EZ Ski Trainer and a capable person in the boat must hold the other end.

Doubling Up? When pulling more than one towable device at the same time the devices must be the same. No more than two devices may be towed at the same time. Exception: when towing an Air Chair or The Ski Seat, no more than one device may be towed at a time.

Flags and Observers: Remember, you must ALWAYS have an observer when towing a device. Also, you must use appropriate flags. Hold up your red flag when a towed person has fallen and is down in the water. Hold up your yellow flag at all times while the height of a towed person is less than four feet from the surface of the water while on the device. This can include a child on an EZ Ski Trainer or an adult on a kneeboard or The Ski Seat.

Allowed Towable Devices
  1. Traditional Water Skis
  2. Training Water Skis
  • Maximum speed is 10mph
  • A U-shaped training device is permitted
  1. EZ Ski Trainer
  • Maximum speed is 10mph
  1. Air Chairs
  2. Wakeboards
  3. Wake Skates (without bindings)
  4. Kneeboards
  5. The Ski Seat