Lake Arrowhead's fishery is on fire and it just keeps getting better! Our lake is home to Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, German Brown Trout, Catfish, Crappie and Bluegill.

Rainbow Trout are planted in the lake annually. Some of these are tagged. If you catch a fish with a tag, please give us a call and let us know the size and location of the catch. This information helps us in our fish stocking efforts.

State fishing regulations do apply and state fishing licenses are required, in addition to an ALA Fishing Pass. Click here to visit the California online license service.

Below is a list of things that the ALA has been doing to make your angling experience better than everywhere else…
1.   Fish stocking amounts (in pounds) have been doubled over the historical average.
2.   While other lakes have cut their trout stockings due to COVID-19, we haven’t.
3.   We are stocking a variety of sizes. There are lots of lunkers being caught… some over 10 pounds!
4.   Some smaller trout are eaten by our Largemouth Bass. This has led to many record-size bass!
5.   We are one of the few lakes in SoCal that stocks the famous Lightning Trout.
6.   We have fantastic fishing apparel for sale in the ALA office (shirts, posters, and more to come!).
7.   By this time next year, there will be a “state of the art” fish cleaning station in the marina.
8.   By this time next year, Grass Valley Lake will be a viable fishery.
9.   We are planning a Fall Derby and Junior Trout Rodeo (pending COVID-19 restrictions).
10. We are helping coordinate member fly-fishing events (see ALA website for more information).
11. The Fishing Pass program has made it easier for ALA staff to identify poachers and trespassers.
12. We are working on re-stocking the lake with Brown Trout by using funds from the Fishing Pass.
13. Finally, 100% of funds from the Fishing Pass will create a more reliable, diverse and sustainable supply of healthy fish. This is critical because current hatchery conditions in California are under tremendous stress and the fish supply chain is in jeopardy.

Remember, a Fishing Pass is required with your ALA Membership if you or anyone else intends on fishing. It must be presented to ALA staff upon request. So, if you don’t already have one, join the Freshwater Crew and start enjoying one of America’s premier fisheries.

Thanks for supporting this great American pastime and protecting Lake Arrowhead!
PS – a bait company has given us some samples of a new type of carp bait. They have asked us to “demo” it. If you are interested in trying it out, please email

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