Tavern Bay Beach Club



Tavern Bay Beach Club 28399 E. North Shore Road

Entrance Requirements:

Members are encouraged to bring their friends to the Beach Club and spend quality time.  Please remember, like many other private country clubs, friends are welcome only with the member present.  Friends cannot use the members membership card without the card holder adding their names to the account.  Each membership card is limited to 1 member and 5 friends.

During the season, there are Beach Club Attendants available who can assist you and help to make your visit more enjoyable!
  • You are welcome to bring picnics to the beach, however please do not bring glass containers.  They are not allowed on the beach at any time.· 

  • We try hard to keep large rocks off the beach to ensure the safety of all members.  Please refrain from bringing rocks on to the beach.

  • Small rivers, streams and holes at the water’s edge can prove to be a good time for the little ones.  Please make sure large holes are filled back in with sand before you leave.  Notify a beach attendant should you need rakes or shovels.  We are happy to help.

  • BBQ’s are not allowed on the beach but are allowed in designated areas of the beach club.  Ask your Beach Club Attendant for details and rules at specific beach clubs.  BBQ’s must be covered and operated with propane.  Open flames are not permitted at any time.

  • As a precaution to avoid natural irritation, we encourage you to shower and/or towel off after swimming in the lake.

Kayaks are a great way to enjoy Lake Arrowhead and get a good work-out!

  • All kayaks, no matter what size, must have current ALA registration stickers to be used on the lake.

  • Kayaks can be launched at the beach clubs in the Kayak/Paddle Board launch areas only.

  • Kayaks cannot be used in the swimming areas.

  • Kayaks cannot be “beached” in the swimming area beaches at Tavern Bay. Kayaks must be beached to the far right and left at Burnt Mill Beach Club to allow the center part of the beach for beach play.

  • Life-Vests must be worn at all times while kayaking.

  • All Kayaker's must have an ALA boaters license.

Paddle Boards
Are you ready for the challenge?  Paddle Boarding on Lake Arrowhead is an awesome and sometimes challenging experience.  

  • Paddle Boards are not allowed in the swimming area.  They must be used outside the buoy line.

  • Paddle Boards must be beached in designated areas when not in use.  Ask a Beach Club Attendant if you have any questions.

  • Kayaks and Paddle Boards are not available to rent on Lake Arrowhead.

  • All Paddle Boarders must either wear a life-jacket or use a leash, and have an ALA Boater's license.

At ALA, we love dogs and have made several provisions for you to enjoy the beach club with your pet.

  • Dogs are welcome at the beach club as long as they are on a leash no longer than 6 feet. However, for sanitary reasons they are not allowed on the beach, in the swimming area or the children’s play area.

  • Dogs may swim between docks and may be unleashed during the time they are swimming.

  • Dogs may not be left unattended at any time.

  • Owners must pick up their dog’s waste and properly dispose of it for sanitary purposes.

  • Dog bowls are available if your pet is thirsty. You may request one from any Beach Club Attendant