Fee Schedule

2024 Annual Membership Fees
All Arrowhead Woods property owners choosing to be members of ALA must pay Membership fees in one of the following amounts.
Our online service accepts credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments.ALA Fee 
General Membership$160 per year
Beach Club Membership$445 per year
Each Slip Right / Dock (Due Date: April 1 of each year)$1,110 per year

2024 Boat Registration Fees

All persons wishing to register a boat on Lake Arrowhead must have one of the above memberships. Powered Boats must be at least 12' long to be allowed on Lake Arrowhead. Small Boats are limited to the area between the buoy line and the shoreline. Unregistered boats found on the lake will only be registered with the payment of a 50% penalty and if the owner is in possession of a membership. Unregistered boats will be impounded for 30 days at $25/day and will then be disposed of by ALA in any way they determine appropriate and legal.
Our online service accepts credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments.ALA Fee
Powerboat over 12' or Sailboats with slip right, slip rental or summer storage$420 per year
Powerboat over 12' or Sailboats WITHOUT slip right, slip rental or summer storage$1,085 per year
Small boat, non-powered, such as kayaks and canoes  $60.00 per year
Stand-Up Paddleboards$60.00 per year

2024 Decontamination Fees

All boats without an ALA band MUST be decontaminated before launching.
Motor and Cooling System "Engine Flush"$25
Each Ballast Tank or Bladder$25
Outside of Boat and Trailer$25
Miscellaneous - tow vehicle, cables, anchor, etc.$25
If a member required a full decontamination for a boat with two ballast tanks the total cost would be $100.

2024 Other Fees
Boat operators license. Licenses are valid for three (3) years and are required of all persons operating a boat on Lake Arrowhead.
*To be considered a renewal, the license must have expired within the past 12 months.
$65 First Time
$30 Renewal*
Replacement Membership Card. This fee is for lost membership cards only.  Lost cards will be electronically de-activated and will no longer gain access to any ALA facility, including 

New/Replacement decal. This fee is for lost decals only. If a "lost" decal is found on another boat, the original purchaser shall be liable for the full value of the decal.

Boat registration transfer. This fee is applicable only for members replacing one boat, power over 12' or sail, with another and for members purchasing a boat previously registered in the current year.            $50                    
Member to Member Dock/Slip Rental Agreement  Fee. This fee applies to Member to Member Dock/Slip Rental Agreements only.100
Beach Club Rentals. Please call for current pricing   909-337-2595  X108.


2024 Dock Transfer Fees
Transfer Fees$3,500
Interfamily Transfer$300  
Transfer Holding$5,700 

2024 Application/Permit Project Fees

For improvements on ALA property
Approved by the Board of Directors 12/8/2012.
DOCK Dock work pricing is per slip * (up to 10 slips, 1/2 price per slip after 10 slips) 
New installation or replacement *$400
Modification *$200
Repair: for example, replace decking, joists or floats *$100
Demolition (Expedited Permit)$0
New installation or replacement$400
Remodel or repair: for example, to replace decking, joists or supports$100
Stairs - Shoreline access to pier$200
Walkway, Gangway, Gang Extension Stairs (new or replacement)$100
Remodel or repair of stairs and extension stairs$100
DOCK HOUSE (per slip) 
Remodel or RepairTBD
WALLS (Retaining, Garden or Seawall) 
New installation or replacement$400
Large or Special ProjectTBD
Fencing and Gate (on piers and/or docks) 
Per slip (up to three slips)

Boat Lift 
Initial installation (requires plans for electrical supply)

Awnings (hard or soft covering for piers and/or docks), per slip
New installation
Repair or replace

Weed Nets$25
General Repairs, Maintenance or Demolition 
Under $2,500 (requires an Expedited Permit)

Slip Jack (under water or overhead), per slip$25
Dock Movement Due to Low Lake Level (requires an Expedited Permit)$0
Landscaping (a permit application is required)
Artificial Turf
Electrical Work
New installation (requires County Building permit)
Repairs (by ALA Registered Electrical Contractors)

Large or Special Projects (to be determined on a case by case basis)TBD