Boat Operator License

A valid ALA Boat Operator License is required to operate power boats and sailboats on Lake Arrowhead.

To receive or renew your Boat Operator License you must take the ALA Lake Safety Test. The test is "open book" and tests your knowledge of the Boating and Swimming Rules.

Important News: As of January 1, 2021, the state of California requires that anyone operating a motorized vessel must obtain a California Boater Card. For more details regarding the California Boaters card click here.  Anyone at any age who is teaching someone to operate a motorized vessel must also be in possession of a current valid California Boaters Card. ALA Boat Operators Licenses will not be issued to anyone  who is not in possession of a valid California Boaters Card.

Your Boat Operator License is good for three years from the date of issuance and the cost is $60.00 for a new license and $30 for your renewal.

Follow these steps to receive a Boat Operator License:

Step 1. Review the Boating and Swimming Rules.

Step 2. Take the ALA Lake Safety Test online or visit the ALA office to take the test.

Step 3. Pay $65.00 for a first-time license, and $30 for a renewal (less than 12 months expired) when you visit the office.

Step 4. Have your photo taken in the ALA office for new licenses or, if we have your photo on file already, we can use the photo we have.

Step 5. Receive your License!  When you come into the office your License will be created in a few short minutes.