Beach Club Memberships

Beach Club Members enjoy all the benefits of General Membership plus, the perfect blend of mountain living with beach living.  It's the Lake Arrowhead Lifestyle.  Indulge in the sandy beaches on the north shore at Tavern Bay Beach Club and the cozy cove on the south shore at Burnt Mill Beach Club.  Enjoy groomed beaches, lounge chairs, snack bars, beautiful gardens and more!

Peninsula Park and Grass Valley Park are also nice options.  All members have access to the parks but only Beach Club Members and Dock Members may enjoy the beach clubs.


This membership entitles you to all of the amenities of a General Member PLUS access to the Burnt Mill and Tavern Bay Beach Clubs.

ALA Fee:    $265 per year.    

You will receive two (2) membership cards. Each card allows access for one (1) member plus five (5) guests per card for a total of six (6) people per card, including children.

ALA members who  let family or friends use their Beach Club Membership Cards are responsible for their guests while on ALA property.  Please ensure anyone using your cards is aware of the rules of the Beach Clubs as well as the number of guests that can come in on each membership card.