The Association would like to thank the Membership for your generous donations to the Annual Fireworks Spectacular and Fish Stocking as well as your general donations to ALA.

The Association is very careful with the thoughtful donations you give. All donations for fireworks and fish stocking are restricted funds and all of those funds are spent on the item or items you have designated. ALA's accountant and auditor agree that, as our auditor certified, "the accounting for these contributions has been proper in the past and is in accordance with GAAP [Generally Accepted Accounting Principles]."

ALA members and some local businesses donate to the Annual Fireworks Spectacular! Thank you!  Please click here to make an online donation!

ALA members donate to stocking fish in the lake each year. Thank you so much! In addition, ALA general funds were used to plant a total of 9500 pounds of rainbow trout.  Please click here to make an online donation!

Your Shoreline Cleanup Donations are used to manage and maintain the shoreline around our beautiful and amazing resource, Lake Arrowhead. We appreciate your generosity!
We are so grateful to our generous ALA members. Your donations are greatly appreciated and carefully accounted for in order to provide you with the recreation you enjoy and deserve.

To make a donation, please call the ALA office at 909 337-2595, or click here to make the donation online!