Staff Contacts

Bob Mattison
General Manager
Ext. 111

Wayne Austin
 Administration Supervisor
Ext. 109

Melissa Marshall
Ext. 107

Tami Waller
Dock Transfers, Payroll
Ext. 104

Dana Merola
Administrative Assistant. Shoreline Operations, Lake Operations, Lake Safety
Ext. 105

Stewart Reeves
Lake Supervisor
Ext. 110

Ron Bukovac
Shoreline Inspector, Permits
Ext. 106

Sharon Pittman
Administrative Assistant. Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Executive Committee, Website
Ext. 103

Rick Reisenhofer
Lake Safety Supervisor, Launch Ramp, Gas Dock, Shore Patrol, Lake Patrol
Ext. 201

Ric Fratus
Member Relations, Property Rentals, Beach Clubs, Marketing, Website
Ext. 108

Thea Luck
Member Services Lead
Ext. 101

ALA’s main phone number is 909 337-2595.
Please dial your selected extension at the prompt.