Registered Service Providers

The State of California has a website where you can lookup contractors based on their contractor license number.

The contractors and service providers listed herein have executed license agreements or registered their information with the Arrowhead Lake Association and are allowed to perform work on the lake and on the Arrowhead Lake Association property surrounding the lake.

Arrowhead Lake Association provides this list for information purposes only and neither endorses nor promotes any of their products or services. In addition, Arrowhead Lake Association does not guarantee any work or claims made by the contractors and service providers and assumes no responsibility or liability for work performed. ALA members should undertake their own due diligence before retaining any contractor or service provider and must be aware that only registered service providers are permitted to work on the lake or on ALA property. If members are considering the use of a contractor/service provider not listed, please call the ALA office 909-337-2595.


Contractors: To become an ALA registered service provider, print the Contractor Registration Packet. Please complete the packet and return it along with your annual registration fee to the ALA office. Call 909 337-2595 x106 for more information.