Board Of Directors

The Arrowhead Lake Association has seven (7) directors who each serve a three (3) year term. They represent each of the five (5) districts around the lake: North, South, East, West and Grass Valley; as well as two (2) At-Large Positions. If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to contact the Board Member who represents your district. To find out which district you are in, see the District Map.

Gary Clifford
East District Director
Term: October 2018 - October 2021


Gary was Born and raised in San Bernardino and lived in Lake Arrowhead while attending Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate and Rim High School. Gary is dedicated to quality of life issues and long-term financial planning. He enjoys working with others for a common goal, and has experience as a Board Member; and a long history in Lake Arrowhead, having a home and enjoying the Lake for over 25 years. He shares a common goal with each ALA member; wanting to protect, operate, and improve Lake Arrowhead and ALA properties while providing reasonable and safe recreational facilities in a fiscally responsible manner, with appropriate planning for the future. As a former Mayor and City Council member, Gary has years of experience with such matters.

Gary and Linda have been married for over 34 years, and love Lake Arrowhead.  They have three adult children, and grandchildren who love to live and play in and around the Lake! He has an open-door policy, and communicates in a transparent and friendly manner. Gary will bring his years of business, political, educational, and law enforcement experience as a resource. Gary attended Azusa Pacific University and holds graduate and undergraduate degrees. Gary has achieved honors as Business Executive of the Year, and is in the Academic Hall of Fame. Recently, Linda and Gary were honored with a “Humanitarian Service Award” in a local community.

Gary is currently Executive Vice President for Athens Services, one of the largest environmental companies in the region; focusing on Municipal and Strategic Relationships. Gary has extensive municipal, governmental, business, and law enforcement leadership experience.  His background includes years of law enforcement and investigative experience, business leadership in the entertainment industry, and also is a Professor at Azusa Pacific University.  In addition, Gary is a Lead faculty and Area Chair for the School of Business, and The School of Criminal Justice for UOP.

Additionally, he has over 16 years of experience working with state and local government, including development of public policy and procedure. Gary has 10 years of civic leadership as a Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem, and Councilmember, and numerous years as a public employee and Police Officer. Gary’s unique background and experience provide direction on creating systems and policy. He has worked with a broad array of public officials at state, local, and federal levels and has developed key relationships.  Gary serves on three local Chamber of Commerce Boards. He is involved in the Southern California area in over 25 local communities in San Bernardino and Los Angeles County. Gary is also a local Board Member on the Selective Services Commission, appointed by President George W. Bush.

Gary is dedicated to public service, and has long-term passion for Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino Mountains.

Eran Heissler
Vice President
Grass Valley District Director
Term: October 2017 - October 2020




Eran Heissler was born in Israel. It was there that he received his education and served as an Intelligence Officer in the Israeli Army for five years. In 1979 he came to the United States with $250 in his pocket and a dream. Within four years he opened his own business in the diamond industry and today Saifan Inc. is a leading force in selling wholesale, top quality diamonds.
In 1995 Eran purchased a home in Tarzana, California and quickly became the President of the 154 home gated community of Silver Hawk Ridge. He still serves as President and is also Vice President of the 249 home gated community of Promenade in Porter Ranch, California.
With the experience he gained in running homeowner associations, he expanded his horizons and ran to be on the board for the Tarzana Neighborhood Council. He successfully won four city elections and in 2011 was appointed Vice President by the twenty-one Board Members. He still serves in this position today.
Eran is also very active among several of the committees within the council. As a member of the Budget committee, he is involved in awarding grants to local schools, police departments and other non-profit organizations. As a Land Use committee member, Eran reviews plans for the development of apartment buildings, commercial buildings and restaurants.  As a Transportation committee member, Eran directs city agencies to repair street hazards, install traffic signs and recommend traffic studies where needed. As an Outreach committee member, Eran is a part of organizing city events such as the Annual Earth Day event as well as Safety and Earthquake preparedness events. He is also a member of the Tarzana Rules committee, Election committee and Executive committee.
In addition, Eran is a Board Member of the Community Police Advisory Board. He attends monthly meetings that advise the police on local safety issues and he also attends weekly walks with the Senior Lead Police Officer of Tarzana to ensure safety for Tarzana residents.
In 2010 he purchased a home in the Grass Valley district. Eran and his wife, Dina, spend most of the week here and are no longer part-time weekend residents.  Their three adult children share their parent’s love of Lake Arrowhead and enjoy time on the family boat which is easy to recognize because it sports the Israeli flag!
Prior to being elected to the Board, Eran attended all of the ALA Board meetings. He was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2016 and elected to his position as Director for the Grass Valley district in 2017. 
Currently Eran chairs the Lake Safety committee and the Shoreline Improvements committee.

Alan Kaitz
Secretary / Treasurer
South District Director
Term: October 2018 - October 2021


Alan and his wife Sharon have been part time residents of Lake Arrowhead for over 35 years and now split their time almost evenly between Lake Arrowhead and Upland.

Alan graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration, and later from Western State University College of Law in Fullerton. After graduation Alan owned and operated several automobile and motorcycle dealerships in Southern California, including Honda Motorcycle, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Kia . He also spent several years practicing law both on a full time and part time basis.

He is now semi-retired as he no longer is involved in the day to day business operations or legal professions, but continues to manage several residential and commercial properties which he has accumulated over the years.

As his kids were growing up, Alan spent over 25 years in non-profit youth organizations, including Cub Scouts, Little League, Pony and Colt Baseball organizations serving in may positions including President, Secretary and Treasurer.

In 2016 Alan decided to start taking an active part in the ALA and he and his wife are now familiar faces at the monthly Board Meetings. He has served on the 2016 and 2017 Election Committees; and 2016 and 2017 Shoreline Improvement Committees.

Brian Hall
West District Director
Term: October 2016 - October 2019



Brian Hall was raised in Lake Arrowhead. He attended Lake Arrowhead Elementary, Mary Putnam Henck Middle School and Rim High School (class of 1998). He was an accomplished wrestler, golfer and student. Brian completed his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of San Diego and captained the school's D-1 rugby team. Brian spent the next 10 years in commercial real estate brokerage and development in Corona, California. He rose to the top of his field and received national awards and recognition for his achievements. Brian also served on non-profit economic development boards that enabled the creation of thousands of jobs and the donation of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations. 

Brian has always been and will forever be a true fanatic of Lake Arrowhead. He began fishing the lake with his father when he was in diapers. Soon after, Brian's childhood summers consisted solely of eating, sleeping, and fun on the lake, along with the occasional shower when his family could not tolerate the smell of fish on him anymore! When Brian was 16, his first summer job was with ALA as a shore patrol. Now, as a Director, he is not only committed to ensuring that our bountiful recreational opportunities remain available and enjoyable to all members, but he wishes to continually improve and enhance the members' experience. Brian is honored to serve you and he readily accepts the endowed responsibilities. 

Brian continues to have fun on Lake Arrowhead, visit the beach clubs and walk the trails but he now does so with his own family. He is a local real estate practitioner who feels incredibly fortunate to work, live, and volunteer in the community where he was raised...a community that symbolizes who he is.

Dennis Lepore
At Large Office A
Term: 6 Months (Expires 10/19)


Photo and bio coming soon!

Roberta Rindenow
North District Director
Term: October 2017 - October 2020


Growing up in Queens, New York, Roberta was able to skip the 8th grade, graduated from high school at 17 years old and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Queens College with a double major in Communications and Education. At 21 years old, Roberta landed a teaching position and taught junior high students for 3 years in Northern California. Moving to Los Angeles to work in the television industry, she met her husband, Scott, on a Hollywood sound stage which was the beginning of a beautiful partnership that's lasted decades. Roberta worked on and developed game shows, dramatic/comedy series, TV movies and motion pictures. One of the most gratifying moments of her television career was being honored by the National Alliance of the Mental Ill at their conference in Washington, D.C. where her movie STRANGE VOICES, that she wrote and produced, was screened for 2,000 parents and advocates. 

Balancing raising their son, David, and managing their real estate management company, Roberta and Scott fell in love with Lake Arrowhead, buying their first home in 1992 and soon after a boat and dock. After joining Arrowhead Lake Association, Roberta and Scott attended Board meetings and were hooked. Roberta and her family enjoy walking the ALA trails, visiting beach clubs, helping fellow ALA members, boating, swimming, wakeboarding, waterskiing, fishing, relaxing on the dock, and playing with their puppies in the water. 

Roberta was appointed to the ALA Finance Committee and served 2 years helping to keep our membership fees from raising and recommending ALA's current marine insurance broker. Roberta also volunteered on the ALA Marketing Committee, and she produced the highly successful ALA's July 4th Lighted Boat Parade with over 60 boats and prizes. 

In Los Angeles, Roberta also served for years on local school management teams, local district advisory councils, and on councils and focus teams for the Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent. Roberta helped raise millions of dollars for technology programs, academic programs and was asked to help oversee the spending of these funds. Roberta was acknowledged by LAUSD Board President and the Daily News for creating a successful academic program for David's high school. 

Back in Lake Arrowhead, Roberta and Scott created an award winning website,, and joined the Chamber of Commerce. Roberta volunteered for years managing registration and volunteers for the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival and also served on their Lake Arrowhead Film Festival Advisory Board. Roberta also loves volunteering for the Chamber of Commerce Home Tour and for the Wooden Antique Boat Show. 

Recently, Roberta served on the ALA Village Docks Ad Hoc Committee to resolve the delinquent dock fees issue, and in 2013, Roberta was appointed to serve as an Inspector of Elections. In 2014, after attending ALA Board meetings and Committee Meetings for close to 20 years, Roberta decided it was time for her to step up and run for the ALA Board. She ran a positive, honest and straight forward campaign and was elected. Unfortunately, ALA was court ordered to hold another election in the Winter of 2015, and again she was elected by an even greater mandate. Roberta brings over 30 years of focusing on fiscal responsibility, safety and liability issues to help protect our ALA members and our Association. Roberta, the girl from Queens, New York, continues to work hard to do what's right to get the job done for our ALA members and our Association.

Ralph Wagner
At Large Office B
Term: October 2017 - October 2020


Ralph Wagner was one of the founders of ALA in 1974. First elected president of ALA in 1975. One of the founders of LACSD in 1978. First elected president of LACSD in 1978. At one time, served as president of ALA, LACSD, and Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association (LAPOA) at the same time (1975 - 1979). Over the years, Ralph has served in all of the official positions of ALA, twice as president, and now returns to the Board of Directors of ALA.

Ralph and his wife, Ianita, are long-time members of both the Lake Arrowhead Water Ski Club and the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club. Ralph was formerly a member of the Lake Arrowhead Country Club.

He graduated from Stanford University in 1952 with a BSCE, Hydraulics Option. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1959 with a MSCE, Sanitary Option. Owner of Ralph Wagner Consulting Engineer, Inc., located in Lake Arrowhead since 1977, specializing in the provision of consulting engineering services related to water resources, water supply, water quality, wastewater treatment and disposal, hydrology, drainage, and erosion control.