STR AdHoc Committee

The Short Term Rental Ad-Hoc Committee (“STR Committee”) will make recommendations to the Board of Directors (“Board”) regarding ALA members who rent a home in Arrowhead Woods for a period of less than 30 days (“ALA STR Members”).  
The President of the Board shall appoint the Chairperson of the STR Committee. The Chairperson of the STR Committee shall be a member of ALA’s Board unless no Board member is willing or able to serve in which case any ALA member in good standing may be appointed by the President.
  1. The STR Committee shall make recommendations for policies and procedures regarding ALA STR Members to the Board.
  2. The STR Committee shall conduct hearings for ALA STR Members who are cited for violating ALA’s Governing Documents and may assess fines as defined in ALA’s Governing Documents.
  3. An ALA STR Member who is assessed a fine by the STR Committee for violation of ALA’s Governing Documents may request an Appeal Hearing by the Board. A request for an Appeal Hearing needs to be filed within 30 days of the date of the STR Committee Hearing.
  4. The STR Committee shall ensure that ALA STR policies adhere to State and County laws governing Short Term Rentals.
The STR Committee shall be accountable to the Board. All STR Committee recommendations regarding modifications to ALA Governing Documents will have no force or effect unless and until approved by ALA’s Board of Directors.

2023 STR Ad Hoc Committee Agendas, Packets & Minutes
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