Kayaks & Canoes

Kayaks and Canoes, no matter what size must have a current ALA decal to be used on the lake.  Every Member, as well as guests of any Member, must have an ALA Boat Operator's License prior to using any vessel, including kayaks, canoes, and Paddleboards.

Kayaks and Canoes are not available to rent on Lake Arrowhead but property owners who are members of the Arrowhead Lake Association may register their respective boats and enjoy them.  Please remember the following rules:
  • Proof of homeowner’s insurance is required
  • Kayaks and Canoes can be launched along the shoreline.  For your convenience they can also be launched at both beach clubs in designated launch areas.
  • Kayaks and Canoes cannot be used in swimming areas
  • Kayaks and Canoes cannot be beached in swimming area beaches
  • Kayak / Canoe launchers are available at the convenience docks in the Marina and the McDonalds dock at Lake Arrowhead Village
  • Anyone operating or riding in Kayaks and/or Canoes must wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)